Celebrities are Often Bullied at School

"Bully-phobia" is the term for excessive fear to return to school after the long holiday because of the group of people at school that interfere with or mocking. We've all felt it - the usual we are familiar with the term "bullied".

Almost all successful people in the world have experienced such a bad experience.

For example the stars below. Right now they fared very well. But they had a cruel experience while still attending school. Their experience you can make a role model: we should be bullied when I was junior high or high school, but everything will be fruitful success in the future.

  • Robert Pattinson
    Bullied at Scholls - Robert Pattinson Robert is now better known as R-Patz. Before he won an award from the MTV Movie Awards, she was once slammed into lockers. Childhood has a more complicated problem than the instinct to hold his blood thirst.
    "I've beaten a lot of people while still young," Robert said in an interview with Parade magazine. The base is the problem? Acting. "I like to behave like an actor, or at least how I think an actor should behave, and it seemed to lure many people to hit me." Well, now, instead of acting Robert lure many women crazy about him.
  • Taylor Lautner
    Bullied at Scholls - Taylor Lautner Not much different from Robert, Taylor Lautner had a similar experience. "In the past I'm not very confident," said Taylor told Rolling Stone. "As I was an actor, I often harassed in high school. Not a physical disorder, but people often make me into ridicule. Then I told myself that I should not let this ruin my dream. I love acting and I shall carry on. "
  • Christian Bale
    Bullied at Scholls - Christian Bale Before Christian Bale appeared before the audience and showed off an Oscar, she must fend off the blows of his school friends are jealous. Christian memories of her childhood: "It's not a wonderful time. I became a victim of torture, gets a kick and punch from the other children every day. "
    You might think that a child star, famous thanks to the great works of Steven Spielberg's "Empire of the Sun", will also become famous in the school. But the opposite is true, Christian got a lot of threat. "He has a difficult time in school," said Jenny, her mother. "Torture is bad enough and it made ​​her sad. It made him leave the world of film and the artist. "Fortunately, not for a long time.
  • Barack Obama
    Bullied at Scholls - Barack Obama Before it was called Mr. President, Barack Obama got a lot of nicknames. "With big ears and a name that I have, it seems unlikely I am not mocked," Obama said during a press conference about Bullied at Schools.
    Now Obama's childhood growing up, never posed for the cover of GQ magazine, has a family who became a fashion icon, and get a very good job. The intruder was probably supposed to expect if they had more good to him.
  • Winona Ryder
    Bullied at Scholls - Winona Ryder Short-cropped hair Lelaina Pierce (better known as the Winona Ryder) and her dress vintage doily into a standard fashion at the time of Bill Clinton and Kurt Cobain.
    But when she was a child, the uniqueness of his style that makes it out of the association. "I wore a man's suit worn from Salvation Army stores," he said in an interview. "I hear people say, 'Hey, fag!" They were banging my head against the locker, and I fell. "
    "Years later, I dropped to the coffee shop and visited one of the women who had never kicked me. He said, 'Winona, Winona, May I have your signature? "Then I said,' Do you remember me? Remember the first time you ever beat a junior high school kids? 'He replied,' I guess. 'Then I said,' That's me. Now scram. '"Boisterous applause followed.
  • Eminem
    Bullied at Scholls - Eminem As a 9 year old boy who scrawny, bullied by the cruel Marshall Mathers, and his mother demanding school system in Detroit. One of the wounded enemy in primary lip makes Eminem and helpless, like what was reported by The Smoking Gun website.
    He never came home in a state of bruises after being beaten in school bathrooms. One time he had also thrown the ball very hard snow that made him faint. The mother said in court that the trauma it caused his son suffered "nightmares and antisocial behavior."
    It's already happened long before hiss bullied become a national issue and as needing serious treatment. Marshall Mathers was then have to wait and the result is on the song "Brain Damage" in the album. Many people consider that song as an enemy of his childhood.
    Moral can be drawn: Do not create a problem with skinny kids, or she will ask the music industry to help him.
  • Christina Aguilera
    Bullied at Scholls - Christina Aguilera Jury "The Voice" does not always have the power to help or break a person's musical career. Several years ago, Christina wanted to solidify its popularity but is not favored some people in the old school.
    As a teen pop star, he became the butt of his school friends on Staten Island. Some unscrupulous slashed the tires so he was late to the venue, and damage the microphone so Christina embarrassed on stage. "There are many atrocities at the time and I think it all happened because they were jealous," said Christina during the event "Behind the Music". "Some threats aimed at me and mom. They'll shave my tires if I am still interested to win in the competition."
    "I remember, at that time I thought, I must get out of here, I will realize my dream of going out there.”
  • Mila Kunis
    Bullied at Scholls - Mila Kunis In the first elementary school, Mila Kunis is known as the shrimp. "I have always been the smallest in the class," Mila said during an interview with OK Magazine. "My face grew alone. My face is very funny as a child. I have eyes, lips and ears are large, but this would make me a laughingstock, and it really hurts. I once came home crying. Why do I have big eyes? "
    Who would have thought it was helping me face to attract the attention of Justin Timberlake.
  • Lady Gaga
    Bullied at Scholls - Lady Gaga Lady Gaga indirect born that way now. Bra skin and hair form horns come later. Gaga remember that high school was a bleak period. He was mocked for being ugly, having a big nose, and annoying. School friends also make fun of his style of dress, makeup creations are in use, because they feel they know what is best about fashion. Yes, and they were completely wrong.
  • Madonna
    Bullied at Scholls - Madonna It's hard to believe that Madonna never had a last name and not having any. But it all really happened.
    "I am not including a hippie or using marijuana in high school, so I was weird. I am interested in classical music and ballet, so the kids were a little nasty if you're different, "said the First Lady of Pop is to Vanity Fair. "I am included in one of the people are victims."
    As they say in the entertainment industry, I 'use'. "I decided to use my uniqueness. If your pleasure comes from what the people around you are thinking about you, you will always feel disappointed. "
    Right now he is rarely disappointed - not because he does not care what people say about him around, but now that she is a Madonna.