The Secret Death of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse's death leaves a big question. “What causes the death of a young soul singer is?”

Some speculate that the drug is the cause while some say Amy died due to lack of supply of alcohol. In fact the autopsy proves there is no illegal drugs in the body of Amy. There are only traces of Librium.

Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, confirms this when he was a guest of CNN's Anderson Cooper on the show that reportedly will be aired Monday. Librium itself is a drug prescribed to those who are trying to stop the consumption of alcohol like that of Amy. Librium is prescribed to Amy several times before he died.

"Everyone says I do not want to accept the reality but the report proved that I am right, he had not used drugs for three years," Mitch said as reported by Contact Music. Amy Winehouse's late family must face the problems that come up repeatedly. After the death of Amy, the family still had to face charges of deceased people, not to mention the effort to establish the foundation on behalf of Amy should be slightly hampered by people who try to profit by registering domain names as well as the name of the foundation that will be used Mitch.