Reduce Heart Disease with Feel Satisfied

Feeling Satisfied One study says, feeling satisfied with life turned out to be good for the heart.
The research was conducted at least at about 8,000 government workers in England. By asking about the seven specific areas of everyday life of participants such as love relationships, leisure activities, living standards, employment, family sex, and a person. Researchers also asked the study participants rated their satisfaction in their respective fields on a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 7 (extremely satisfied).
The result, they see the high level of average life satisfaction is associated with decreased coronary heart disease by about 13 percent. Satisfaction with family, sex, and occupation, seems to be the most important factor for heart disease protection, the researchers found.
"These findings suggest that interventions to enhance positive psychological states such as always feel satisfied and happy may be relevant among high-risk individuals of heart disease," explains one researcher Julia Boehm, of the Harvard School of Public Health, United States.