5 Routines In Prder to Become Good Parents

Relationships of parents and children increasingly distant. In Britain, there is an interesting phenomenon: a five-year-olds do not know their first names, so never anything like it diobrolkan with their parents. How to become a mother or father who is better?

The following tips a British think tank organization that campaigned for the importance of being a better parent:

Every day, parents should be encouraged to read to their children for 15 minutes and talked with them for 20 minutes while the television is turned off.

They also have to praise their children when they do good things and often play with them on the floor for ten minutes and provide nutritious food.

The report's author, Chris Paterson, said scientific evidence showed that what parents do with their children is very important in brain development and skills of children.

"There is also evidence of a significant gap between parents who do the simple steps above with a no," he said.

Parents, he said, should also study the development of children because they will not 'automatically' know what to do.

His advice is actually good and reasonable. But in Britain, a problem when the state advised the parents to perform a number of measures to improve the relationship with the child. They read it as state interference in the process of parenting a family.