Selena Gomez Refused to Marry Justin Biebier

Flash of Celebrity - Selena Gomez Justin and Selena Gomez hit by the issue of their breakup, some mention information separation is against the background problems Selena Gomez refused to marry Justin Bieber, but there is also a mention because the third person is Jasmine Villegas. Which is correct?

Despite seeing so many months, Selena Gomez was not too steady and sure will be forever with her boyfriend Justin. A 19-year star did admit that their relationship is fine. But about the marriage plans?

When asked if he had thought to marry Justin someday, even Selena replied, "No, I'm just 19 years!"

Although already comfortable going out with Justin, but Selena did not hide his interest when meeting with his idol, Shia LaBeouf.

"I was very pleased when I saw Shia. I seemed to fall in love. He probably thought I was crazy and ridiculous to myself, but I like it. I'm really obsessed with him since the age of 15 years," said Selena in Reveal magazine.

"Shia are older than me, so like him. (But) I think I do not want to marry her anyway!" he continued.