Goodyear & Asbestos History- Not “a moment ago” Tires

Nearly everyone introduce somebody to an area have a lot to do with the VIP “Goodyear” with Tires and rightfully so. What did you say? Might not come about so widely accepted is Goodyear’s involvement in the sphere of the manufacture of asbestos containing sheet packing material, steam hoses, mastics, conveyor belts, aircraft brakes, gaskets and floor tile.

Goodyear Asbestos Mesothelioma

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Inc. Products with the aim of limited asbestos include:

  • HD Asbestos Steam pipe, made with braided asbestos cord
  • HD Safety Welding pipe, made with braided case asbestos cord
  • Goodyearite Sheet Packing, made of asbestos cloth
  • Asbestos Cord Steam burning iron
  • Wingfoot Asbestos, used meant for hurtful into gaskets, washers and packing strips

From the basic part of the twentieth century through the basic 1980’s, these products played a big role in the sphere of exposing folks who worked with them to asbestos.  A person working around these products had and allow an increased venture of on the increase asbestos connected lung diseases such in the same way as mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Many folks and/or their category members are simply ignorant of these products and the role they played in the sphere of their own or else their loved ones administrative center exposure. Wives were position by the side of venture for the reason that often their husbands would come up to mother country from do with clothes covered in the sphere of asbestos dust.  They would shake the clothes previous to washing, and breathe in the sphere of the carcinogenic dust in the sphere of the process.  Despite being flash tender asbestos exposure, many category members were diagnosed with or else died from mesothelioma in the same way as a consequence.

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