Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor With Most Expensive Pay

This time Johnny Depp have to admit defeat on fellow actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. The reason is, Leo has just been named as the highest paid actor Forbes, beat Depp!

Flash of Celebrity - Leonardo DiCaprio VS Johnny Depp

Thanks to Inception, this young actor noted reap a fee of $ 77 million during 2010, placing it at the top of the top 10 highest-paid actor. Sadly, none of the British actor managed to occupy this prestigious position 10.

DiCaprio's success comes from two tenarnya film, SHUTTER ISLAND Inception and in 2010, which sold more than $ 1 billion worldwide. This is a 'kick' Johnny Depp from the top position last year with a fee of $ 50 million, despite a successful film, ALICE IN WONDERLAND sold up to $ 1.024 billion.

The third position is occupied by Adam Sandler with a fee of $ 40 million, followed by MEN IN BLACK star Will Smith, with the $ 36 million. Tom Hanks, the latter no longer shine, still able to occupy the fifth position with a fee of $ 35 million.

The top 10 is closed by Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Tim Allen, and Tom Cruise, for a fee amounting to $ 34 million, $ 31 million, $ 28 million, and $ 22 million to position the 9 and 10.