6 habits that Damage the Skin

You should know, habits that can cause damage to the skin, namely:
  1. Use of telephone / mobile phone for too long
    Heallthy Warning - Use of mobile phoneMobile phones we used to put in the bag (the part which must be full of dust), on the table, or in other places that are not sterile. When using the phone for long cause the cheek skin in contact with phone full of bacteria. Make sure you keep antibacterial wet tissue to wipe the phone before you use it.
  2. Ignoring Glasses
    Writing in the distance already unreadable, but you still do not want to wear glasses? Or softlens you normally wear may have been inaccurate because minus the eye is increasing? If ignored, unconsciously you will often squint when reading. The effect, rapid skin looks wrinkled and old.
  3. Hairspray
    Many consider shielding his face with his hand while spraying the hair with hairspray is enough. Whereas the particles of hairspray can still pass through the crevices of the hand and attached to the face. Next time, cover your face with a clean towel while spraying hairspray.
  4. Lazy to Change Pillowcases
    When we sleep, dead skin cells on the face will be melted and stuck to the pillowcase. Dead cells that accumulate long it will turn into bacteria and toxins. So if you're lazy to replace the pillow, every night you will sleep in a pile of bacteria.
  5. Too Often A Hot Bath
    Hot water bath was delicious. But if done too often and the duration too long, the outer layer of the epidermis will be eroded and your skin will be very dry.
  6. Big Sunglasses
    Sunglasses model is the favorite of women. But they often forget to clean the glasses before wearing them. Though certainly not sterile glasses, while he would touch the tip of the nose and cheeks while we use it.