Remembrance and Invocation - Calms the Heart

Pastor Nathan Setiabudi, said the remembrance and invocation sung thousands of pilgrims at the Pondok Pesantren Nurul Musthofa, Ciracas, East Jakarta, recently very soothing. "I stand here on behalf of Indonesia, what was said Abdullah (Kiai Haji Abdullah Syamsul Arifin) is true, remembrance and invocation not only to reassure you, but also my heart," said Christian religious leaders from Protestant and Catholic representatives in Harmony Love themed speeches nationality Indonesia and Indonesia Risen Come on Ponpes Nurul Musthofa.

Great Legends - Remembrance and Invocation

Pastor Nathan asserts, what he said was not strings attached, let alone friendly welcome at this event once. "Here, once friendly, all smiling at me. I must say this is it true Islam, dare I say it because in my heart there is the coolness here," he said.

On this occasion, Pastor Nathan also states what a person or group for action violence and anarchy in the name of religion is a person and not reflect a particular religion. "Violence in the name of religion that tarnished the religion itself and interfere with Indonesia," said Pastor Nathan. "The dark side has to be eroded by the religion itself. Remembrance and the invocation that was able to remove the dark side of it."

To that end, Pastor Nathan continued, we must return to the Pancasila Pancasila as the differences can be accepted. "If until now we still make a fuss of Pancasila, when we go forward," he said. "Pancasila is not the fundamentals of the nation's problems. His religion of any kind, any race, any tribe, just our union into the bone marrow and can not be separated."

Earlier, in the Orations of Islam represented by Abdullah Syafii said that dhikr reconcile, and reassuring. "Peace is not for yourself, but for everything," he said.