The Honeymoon Ended Disastrous

Tragedy - Gemma Redmond Just one month of its status as a wife, Gemma Redmond should be widowed. Her husband, Ian Redmond, was killed in a shark attacked a resort in the Seychelles, where they honeymooned.

Today, primary school teachers 27-year-old is still in shock. Ian and Gemma dating for nine years before finally deciding to get married this month.

"I really love him and he was a very special husband, a son of the wise, and a loyal brother. He worked tirelessly to realize his dream of forming a beautiful home life," he said.

Shark attack came when the couple in the second week of their honeymoon on the island of Praslin decided to enjoy the beauty of Anse Lazio beach together. Her husband swam at the beach, and Gemma was busy recording them with video cameras. It is relatively shallow waters, and only 20 meters from the beach. He had just sat down to sunbathe when she heard her husband cry for help.

In a short time he had lost an arm and suffered terrible wounds in his left foot, and bite marks on the body and hips.

Other tourists try hard to save him as he lay in a state of severe bleeding. But his life was saved.