Justin kisses Selena, Denies Breaking Gossip

Flash of Celebrity - Justin kiss Selena Gomez Recently, Justin and Selena Gomez raises rumors that their romance had ended. The news was more hard blows when the two arrived separately at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (7 / 8) yesterday. However, these two lovebirds have a surefire way to ward off gossip!

After the awards ceremony began, Justin, who was sitting next to Selena, her lover had kissed her cheek and let the media take pictures of this intimacy. Young star is reportedly also had to act cordial when Selena finished a gig with his band, The Scene.

When it appears in the 'blue carpet', Justin and Selena it was caught on camera together. Justin just pictured with supermodel Tyra Banks, while Selena in action with one of his best friend, Demi Lovato, also with The Scene.

Previously, the news of Justin and Selena is rumored breakup due to a big fight going on. Selena was rumored to not like some of Justin's friends who have criminal backgrounds, and because Justin did not want to be friends Selena forbid, a fight was inevitable.