Prince Harry, The First Royal to Fly Into Space

Gossip Empire - Prince Harry The First Royal to Fly Into Space Career as an aviator was not enough for Prince Harry. Because, brother Prince William was admitted to be the first royal to fly into space!

As stated a few close friends, idol of many 26-year-old woman is obsessed with anything related to outer space. Because of this obsession, Harry wanted to be able to follow the NASA training in preparation for sliding into space.

In fact, Harry has reportedly contacted the son of Richard Branson, to reserve a place on the first flight of Virgin Galactica. In addition, Harry also had plans after duty in Afghanistan ends next year, which is an honorary member of NASA. However, Harry will require 1,000 hours of flying with the jets before they can join this space agencies.

"Harry has completed the training of Land and Sea Surveillance and Oceanology, one part of the Astro training, and can not wait to attend NASA's Jet T38 held. Harry always dream of becoming the first royal to fly into space," said a source at The Sun .

Unfortunately, a representative of the palace declined to comment on this Harry's plan, admitted that they did not know anything.