Victoria Beckham Sick of ANC

Flash of Celebrity - Victoria Beckham Fans Beckham family maybe a little surprised with the 'disappearance' of Victoria Beckham after the birth of "Harper Seven Beckham". Busy taking care of her first baby girl?

Could be! However, a source told The Mirror also stated that there are other problems experienced by the former Spice Girls, who kept him out of the house.

Previously, some news had mentioned that Victoria deliberately hiding from the public for the sake of strict diet and weight loss programs that do postpartum. However, deny this news, a source stated that the mother of four children suffered a serious back problem.

The process of pregnancy and the birth of the baby turned out to carry one health problem for the wife of footballer David Beckham's fame. Victoria reportedly suffering from a shift in the spine, which makes it difficult even hold her baby.

"Rumors that mention Victoria's 'crazy' exercise to get rid of the rest of her pregnancy obesity was not true. Actually, Victoria suffering from back pain during pregnancy, and worsened when she underwent a cesarean section.

He had it checked and the results of X-rays show that there is one bone shifted back underneath. Victoria in great pain and barely able to hold Harper, "said the source.

"He was very sad because he wanted to be able to play with his new daughter, like many other mothers. In fact, when she was breastfeeding, David was the one carrying the baby. But Victoria is trying to be happy because she feels very grateful to the birth of his beautiful daughter. He's not going to let This injury prevents his happiness on the birth of Harper, "he continued.

To cope with the pain, Victoria diligent undergo massage session costs £ 120 per hour. In addition, Victoria also have to take painkillers regularly.

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