The Boy Who Was Born Weighing 0.5 Kg

Amazing Phenomenon - Charlie (The Boy Who Was Born Weighing 0.5 Kg) Charlie, born in week-23, now a living proof that abortion had to be trimmed. When born, the boy from Norfolk, England, is so small, only amounting to the palm of her hand. It weighs half a kilogram more.

Charlie Allen became the only one of which was born premature in the UK today. At birth, the opportunity of his life only predicted 7 percent. However, Charlie has now grown into healthy children and cheerful, just like other children.

When he was born he was so small and even the wedding ring I could get into his arm. I should not hold it, for fear of his skin would tear, "said Emma Allen, the mother.

At birth, he could not breathe alone. days only in the tube and breathing with a ventilator. "But I always believe, Charlie can take care of himself," continued Emma.

Charlie was not born alone. He was with Jack's twin brothers. However, because weight is too small, Jack can not survive. He died of infection in day-to-11.

Now, Charlie was so new evidence in the debate on abortion time limit in the UK. These countries set the age limit of permissibility of abortion at 24 weeks. Now, some NGOs called for the limit was lowered.

At 13 weeks after birth, Charlie suffered perforation of the stomach caused by the medication he was given to help close the hole in his heart. He has to go through major surgery to remove blood clots from the wound healing before performing cardiac surgery at the age of 14 weeks to close the channel manually.

New at the age of 20 weeks, Emma and Bobby, her husband, could be approached. They also may carry him. At the age of five months, he should be brought home. Condition, he asked a little maybe contact with people other than the nuclear family to avoid infectious diseases.

According to the hospital, 91 percent of babies born at the age of 23 weeks can survive. "Thankfully, my kids go to number nine percent; managed to survive. He's a great little fighter," said Emma who is now setting up a charity to help babies born prematurely.