Hazardous of Using Cosmetic

Aesthetics Doctors Association of Indonesia (Perdesti) reminded the public not to use cosmetics arbitrary because drool cheap prices, but in terms of security is not guaranteed.

Healthy Warning - Cosmetic

"Do not get tempted by the cosmetics are popular with a very cheap price and promising to soften or whiten instantly. This is because usually it's cosmetics contain mercury compounds are hazardous to humans," said Chairman of Pardesti, Dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja, when met on the sidelines of safe cosmetics campaign before the House State Grahadi, Surabaya, on Sunday.

In that campaign, handing out thousands Perdesti cosmetics safe and contain no hazardous materials to road users passing. Thousands of masks were also distributed so long as the trip is not exposed to smoke pollution vehicles.

According to him, a main goal of this campaign in addition to commemorate the 5th Perdesti, also to provide education and understanding to the public about the security service in the field of aesthetic medicine which is currently growing rapidly.

"A variety of harmful side effects or mild deadly community has suffered due to ignorance of the dangers of the use or service. Moreover, there is not done by a doctor, obviously this is very health-threatening, especially in the face," said Teguh.

Therefore, he continued, Perdesti felt very responsible way to remind the public.
It assigns all members Perdesti especially those residing in rural areas work to continue to educate as well as a true service to the community in the field of aesthetics.

"Essentially, Perdesti will spearhead health services in the field of aesthetics as a form of participation in health development in collaboration with the government," said Teguh is also head of "Asia Pacific Alliance in Aesthetic Medicine" is.

Meanwhile, Dr PR Perdesti July Karijati revealed, it also provides appeal to people not to buy cosmetic products past their expiration.

"Observe the packaging and storage products. Do not buy products that the packaging is damaged or exposed to sunlight for a long time," he said.

"Remember, the price may be cheap, but the important ingredient is not harmful to the skin," he said in July added.