Clothing for fans of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch, still mourning the loss of her daughter, but fans of the singer of the song "Rehab" seemed to give strength to 60-year-old man.

On Friday evening, Mitch gives his daughter some clothes to the fans who gathered to convey a sense of their grief at his home in Camden Square, London.

"I can not express how much this means to us. This can really help us to make easy through this grief," Mitch said at the beginning of last week to fans who gathered to farewell the Grammy winner. "We feel devastated and I can not say anything, but thanks to his presence."

Family and friends Amy - including Mitch, Kelly Osbourne and Mark Ronson - were also gathered in memory of Amy with the singer's favorite club, Jazz After Dark, last week.

Despite official statements about what caused the death of Amy has not come out, but his father did not believe her daughter's death was connected with his drug addiction. "Three years ago Amy beat his dependence on drugs," he told Us

Weekly. "The doctor said if it was not possible, but he actually beat him. He worked hard to overcome the problem of drinking liquor and had spent three weeks without taking it."