Monster Hornet Sulawesi

Fauna - Monster Hornet Sulawesi Entomologist Lynn Kimsey world of the University of California found a unique monster wasp in the interior region of Sulawesi, Indonesia. "Garuda," Kimsey said the insects are so vicious that this alleged new species.

Page Daily Mail, August 25, 2011, writing many wasps this monster lives in Mount Mekongga, Southeast Sulawesi. Local people call it "komodo dragon".

The size of this monster wasps include jumbo or three times larger than wasps in general. Researchers noted the size of an average wasp monsters along the 2.5-inch, or about 6 centimeters.

Then why the wasp is called a monster? Kemsey answer jaw size wasps Sulawesi creepy. Imagine, its size is longer than its forelegs. "Sometimes attack humans," said Kimsey, who served as Director of the Bohart Museum of Entomology.

The discovery of a monster wasp may be just a piece of the biodiversity in Sulawesi region or Indonesia. Kimsey will survive in this region for five years with a total cost of the study reached 2.5 million pounds, or about USD 35 billion. "Many rare species never seen anywhere in the world and endangered species in the region," he said again.