Citronella Efficacious to Prevent Cancer

Lemon grass or Citronella, commonly known as a regular plant roots and stems are often used as a spice flavoring dishes. In fact, the essential oils in this plant is widely used in the cosmetics industry for the manufacture of perfumes and soaps.

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Citronella or in the Latin language called Cymbopogon ciatrus is a genus that contains about 55 species of grass. These plants can thrive in warm weather, and reaches a height of about 2 to 4 meters.

Citronella plants used in various cultures. Part of this plant which can be used for the herb include roots, stems, and leaves.

Well here are some properties of citronella that not much is known:

Preventing cancer
A study revealed that every 100 grams of lemon grass contains antioxidants that can prevent cancer. In 2006, a team of researchers from Gurion University in Israel found a compound in the body of lemon grass which can kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

Drug indigestion
Containing lemongrass tea helps overcome indigestion, abdominal pain, colds, intestinal cramps and diarrhea. Lemongrass also helps reduce the gas from the intestines and prevent further gas formation.

Lemongrass also has detoxifying properties of the body by increasing the number and frequency of urination. This can make the digestive organs, liver, pancreas, kidney, and bladder clean and healthy because of toxic substances and uric acid was removed.

Benefits on the nervous system
Essential oils are made using lemon grass can be used to strengthen and improve nervous system function. Because of lemongrass oil is applied to give effect to warm the surface of the body, relaxes muscles and relieve spasms.

Lowering blood pressure
Citronella is effective in reducing blood pressure, stimulate blood circulation and eliminate blood pressure problems. Consumption of a glass of lemon grass juice to reduce hypertension.

As an analgesic
Citronella relieve all types of inflammation and irritability associated with aches and pains. So if you have a toothache, muscle pain, joint pain, or pain, lemon tea can certainly help.

Beautiful skin
Citronella is a pillar in the cosmetics industry. The benefits include reduced acne and serves as a refresher. Citronella oil can also be massaged into the entire body to give effect to warm up.

Women's health
Given lemongrass tea consumption may help reduce menstrual pain and nausea.