Use of CT Scans Risk for Children

Healthy Warning - CT Scan for Children In recent decades, the number of Americans who use CT (computed tomography) scan has soared, reaching 72 million in 2007 to check for appendicitis. Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix caused by a blockage.

As reported by Reuters, a new study suggests that health departments across America, the percentage of adult patients with appendicitis who were diagnosed using CT scans increased from just 6 percent in 1996, to 69 percent in 2006.

Dr. Daniel Tsze, the study's lead researcher, said he could not say whether the figures last one is "too high" because CT is the most accurate test for appendicitis.

"That's probably one of the main reasons for the increased use of CT scans, although there is actually no danger of radiation," said Tsze.

CT is an alternative to ultrasound, with no radiation. It is not as accurate as CT, but try first ultrasound can limit the number of patients who end up in the CT scanner.

Tsze advise patients and parents to ask questions if the doctor wants to do a CT scan to check for abdominal pain, is it really necessary or whether there are alternatives.

"Because the use of CT scans in children, to be quite dangerous due to radiation exposure their biggest lifetime and this could bring to some cancer risk," said Tsze.

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