The Strenght of Azan

By: Ustad Arifin Ilham
Time moves and continues to spin. Night and day switch back ahead. And so on, until the end of this phase of the natural world. Certainly no one could withstand his motion this sunatulah.
“Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding” (Surah Ali Imran [3]: 190)

Each time a change from night to afternoon or vice versa, so for those who believe in Allah, certainly would welcome him with the call to prayer. When the transition from night to day are not we welcome the dawn prayer. When the transition from day to night we met with midday prayer, Asar, Maghrib and Isha. Even at midnight when the inhabitants of earth fell asleep in his sleep, they are His servants stand to uphold the prayer, bowing and prostrating the presence of Allah Rabbul 'Izzah.
Believers would miss the sound azan Meandering from various mosques. Because, there is no rhythm to stop filling the universe in this country besides the call to prayer.
During the 24-hour call to prayer will continue to reverberate throughout the Earth's venture into this. From Papua to Aceh, continues until the various countries and continents. Unfinished repercussion noon call to prayer in the Americas, has been re-greet the dawn call to prayer Papua.
Without us knowing the muezzin throughout the world incessantly shouted the call to prayer echoes. Muffle the sound azan as the hot midday sun rays. Voices of azan for Asar, mixes with the warm sunshine and a gentle breeze. A loud sound of azan for Maghrib, took off tired today. Voices of azan for Isha, brings warmth when the nights begin to grow cold. While the dawn call to prayer sounds broke the silence and waking consciousness.
All calls of this call to prayer aims to remind residents of the earth who believe in God to erect a prayer. Remember Allah much, and invites people to not fall asleep and oblivious to the bustle and excitement of the world. Calls human beings to not get lost in the darkness of the world and the hereafter deadlock.
Consider reading the frequently echoed the call to prayer. How high the power of a beautiful call to prayer and how his words. The words with all his might constantly remind us of his false claims of all worldliness. On earth and in heaven there is only one God worthy of worship and followed His teachings.
Know, not the call of the muezzin call to prayer, but God's call to the servants of his choice. Consider reading the call to prayer. It turns out that was called "Hayya 'alash Salah" is that her creed. That is, those who have testified that there is no God are right to be worshiped except Allah, no doctrine can be happy unless carried the teachings of His messenger, Prophet Muhammad. They are not air-creed was not called.
While the call in order to "al-falaah," the next world to achieve success. This is what makes people of faith are always happy to hear and meet the call of each call to prayer echoes.