Christina Aguilera Reportedly Tortured Her Son

Flash of Celebrity - Christina Aguilera Reportedly Tortured Her Son Christina Aguilera reportedly tortured her son, Max. It blows Max's face looked puffy and bruised his eye section.

Christina immediately angry after one of the media sites claimed the singer had been torturing her son was only three years old. Max was a few photos with Christina looks in outstanding condition bruised eye section.

Max looks blonde singer picked up while walking through the terminal. Christina also looks embrace and cuddle the little one wrapped in warm blankets.

Eric Greenspan Christina through her ​​lawyer to send such a letter of protest to the sites that preach and load the picture with Max. Christina thought the site was made ​​unilaterally and reckless reporting that is not true.

"Christina is a wonderful mother. Unfortunately, he was not in park when Max fell to cause hurt," said Eric as quoted from dailymail Friday (26/08/2011).

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