Amy Winehouse's House Burglarized Thieves

Flash of Celebrity - Home of Amy Winehouse What a wretched fate of singer Amy Winehouse, who died July 23 last. Because Amy's house is empty without this guard, had just burglarized by a group of thieves.

A number of valuable items such as a copy of Amy's legacy unreleased songs, a book which contains the lyrics, letters, and one of his favorite guitar was taken by a herd of thieves.

This makes Amy's father, Mitch angry. He vowed to seek and find the culprit. One of the relatives said that this incident was a sickening surprise for the family, and is worth if Mitch and the whole family was angry mourners.

But Mitch tries to provide a peaceful way for the thieves are. As quoted by Contact Music, Mitch gives the opportunity for thieves to want to return the goods and the guarantee will not deal with the police.