Antonio Banderas Creepy See Madonna

Flash of Celebrity - Antonio Banderas and Madonna Believe it or not, Antonio Banderas was horrified when he first introduced to Madonna. Even though it was there that says if Madonna lured the bloody Spanish actor Antonio but it did not dare do anything because he was afraid of the Madonna figure which he said was powerful.

Antonio Banderas really had to feel flattered when someone said that when Madonna was attracted to her but she did not dare go further. "I was very scared at that time because she [Madonna] is a very powerful woman," said Antonio Banderas. At that time Antonio was recently moved to the United States and the status is still the husband of Ana Leza.

Even more embarrassing was when Antonio Banderas did not say anything throughout the meeting. "She said a lot of things at the table when we were having dinner, I did not understand," said Antonio who was not yet proficient in English at that time. In addition to not understand what was being said Madonna, Antonio Banderas himself feel inferior because he was a nobody while Madonna is a big name.