Woman Only!!! - Standing Pee Effectively Prevent Cancer

So far, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) early detection of cervical cancer can be done in two ways, ie, pap smears and vaccines. Apparently, there are other ways and a little unique that can prevent cervical cancer, that is standing pee.

Standing Pee

According to health experts, Dr. Ananto Sidohutomo MARS mention standing pee option is not only useful to prevent cancer. But it also allows each woman gets rid of small water infrastructure are hygienic, comfortable, and minimize the use of sanitation and water are commonly found bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.

"Prevention can be done from any side. To prevent cervical cancer and anticipation, there are score cards early detection of cervical cancer, there is a pap-smear, no HPV vaccination, there Valeri, and 'standing pee'," said Ananto.

The position of urine, said Dr. Ananto, affecting the flow of seepage of urine into the vagina. According to Dr. Ananto, urine instead of liquid cleaner. Urine metabolic waste including body dispose of substances that are not useful in the body.

If the rest of the urine sediment in the vagina it will disturb the cleanliness.

"Remember, clean is not a factor also trigger the appearance of cervical cancer.

While in a standing position, the urine will radiate out from the opening of the urethra without any sediment in the vagina," said Dr. Ananto.