Favourite Song Lady Gaga

Flash of Celebrity - Lady Gaga After the launch of three albums and had toured many times the length it should have one or two songs that became a favorite Lady GaGa. Problem favorite song, Lady GaGa turned out to have three: Bad Romance, You and I, and Poker Face. Why these three songs so special song for Lady Gaga?

Lady GaGa little trouble initially when asked where the best songs he liked. "Well, it's so very Difficult to say. I love all my songs so much," said Lady GaGa. After a long thought, finally a singer with a unique appearance is mentioned three songs earlier. Why?

"Well, Bad Romance had a special place in my heart because this song seems very meaningful for Little Monsters every time I sing it," said Lady GaGa who then called You and I and Poker Face as his favorite song because it was two of his best songs.

"I also think You and I is one of the best songs I've ever written. And for the third best song. Well, I suppose I would have to say Poker Face," he said as quoted by Contact Music.