Shoes for Diabetics

Healthy Education - Shoes for Diabetics Four students from the University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia,  create shoes for people with diabetes mellitus, making it easier for people with diabetes were doing their daily activities.

"The four students namely Vivi Leona Amelia, Erlisa Diah Pertiwi, Ade Oktiyanto Saputro, and Arini Giska Safitri. They made a new breakthrough in the manufacture of shoes for diabetics," said Vice Dean for Student Affairs Faculty of Medicine, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta Suhardjo Wednesday.

According to him, many diabetics feel anxious and afraid during the move, fearing exposure of gravel or tripped on the foot, causing injury and widespread. It is reasonable because the injury arises in people with diabetes is difficult to recover.

"People with diabetes have a risk of 29 times hit by diabetic ulcers. Complication of wound smells on the skin surface that often occurs in patients with diabetes, either because the use of inappropriate footwear which contributed 99.9 percent of cases," he said.

Arini Giska Safitri says diabetics do not realize the event of injury on their feet due to neuropathy or nerve sufferers experience can not feel pain that occurs in that section.

"Therefore, it is important for diabetics to use footwear that will protect the patient in order not to hurt or wound that does not widen the patient's perceived," he said.

According to him, which he developed shoes that are designed to prevent injuries as well as the addition of diabetic foot wounds. Shoes are made using carefully selected ingredients to reduce the risk of top quality wound in the leg extension.

In addition to preventing the expansion of injuries to the foot, the shoe is also designed to enhance the comfort of use in diabetic foot in daily activity. So, they do not have to worry injured while walking.

He said the diabetic shoes are made using materials that are combined in order to achieve comfort and suitability for diabetic foot conditions. The basic ingredients of shoe leather wearing the best quality beef and lamb.

Leather material is used because it fits the patient's feet humidity conditions. Diabetic foot should not be too moist so as not to cause bacteria and infection and a bad odor.

Besides leather, also added merimes (a type of foam fabric) on the inside foot to reduce the level of friction with the shoe so as to minimize the occurrence of blisters.

"Our shoes are made in accordance with the size of the diabetic foot. It is to be one of the hallmarks of our products," he said