Bananas Can Relieve Stress

As quoted by FoxNews, Thursday (03/17/2011), that bananas can relieve stress because it contains two compounds that can calm the mind, ie, dopamine and serotonin. Both compounds were able to control mood is also produced naturally in the brain.

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Dopamine is a compound that is quite dominant role in the brain, called the reward center or control center complacency. If someone feels happy and satisfied, then the taste is actually an effect of dopamine work.

In addition to giving pleasure, dopamine compound also protects brain neurons from Parkinson's. Parkinson's disease is triggered by nerve damage due to the aging process.

Sufficient levels of dopamine will also protect the heart function of various types of disturbances arising from the blood circulation.

Meanwhile serotonin are compounds that regulate mood, make someone feel happy and eliminate negative emotions. Deficiencies in the brain levels of serotonin can cause someone to be sensitive, easily offended, and tantrums.

Because the critical mood, serotonin is subjected to some antidepressants. The drugs were administered to patients with depression, to increase the release of serotonin to the brain so that the stress level is reduced.

Aside from being a controlling mood, bananas are also beneficial to the body's metabolism. In general, bananas contain essential minerals such as potassium and potassium, as a source of antioxidants. Bananas are also rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, B6 and A.