Apple - Killer - World Wide Web

In 2009, the success of Apple's iPhone started, said MacNamee. Apple has considered the premium through a model that focuses on the application. While Google tends to index-based approach to stagnate.

MacNamee said the reason for stagnation Google, the dependence on the World Wide Web (WWW) in the HTML that 'has not changed for a decade'. Apple's approach to Internet-based application is a step that is much more innovative.

In addition, the popularity of the iPhone and iPad show, the company began to wrest control from Google. Apple now dominates the web for years. As quoted by CNBC MacNamee said, "Today Apple just kill the WWW through adaptation IPAD and the iPhone which sold 100 million units this year. "

In addition, Apple is also taking steps to combat its traditional rivals, including Microsoft. "This year, the number of devices connected to the Internet Microsoft fell below 50%, whereas 10 years ago reached 97%," he said.

According MacNamee, Windows into the cycle of decline and rise simultaneously with the release of the Apple iPad 2. The success of the Apple iPad and approaches through the application would create a company that led the 10-year cycle of the technology industry overall.