Grandma (75 years), Disable The Internet Georgia

Tbilisi - An elderly woman in Georgia sued prison three years because the network decided the Internet in Georgia and Armenia.

Actions decided Internet network in those two countries do because dig and dredge the internet cable in the ground. Similarly, as quoted by Business Week, Sunday (04/10/2011).

Authorities said that 75-year woman named Aiyastan Shakaryan cut a fiber optic cable, which ultimately decides the internet connection in Georgia and Armenia for several hours. Fiber optic cable itself inline with the railway in the eastern part of Georgia.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Georgia, Zurab Gvenetadze, said that Shakaryan been charged with destruction of state property, which could be prosecuted up to three years in prison, but maybe he will get a lighter sentence, considering the age of the elderly. While Shakaryan himself said that he is innocent.

Fiber optic cable network along the 600 km in Georgia owned by the Georgian Railway Telecoms, which is a branch of the railway company in the country.

On the other hand, Irma Stepnadze, Aiyastan Shakaryan spokesman, said that the cables are maintained by tight security, making it impossible for Shakaryan to cut it.