Microsoft Official Detained Libyan Authorities

Upheaval in Egypt some time ago, Google's top official named Wael Ghonim detained because they support anti-government groups. A similar incident has happened to Microsoft where an employee was detained in the conflict in Libya.

The software giant world that is struggling to seek freedom Elhasumi Khalid, Country Manager of Microsoft in Libya. Khalid was arrested by Libyan authorities in Tripoli since 19 March.

"We continue efforts to ensure the safety and his release as soon as possible. We hope the authorities immediately release Khalid," a statement from Microsoft.

Microsoft had already contacted the family Khalid and working with a number of international organizations to seek their freedom. Microsoft claimed not to know why Khalid suddenly imprisoned.

"We currently have no information about what was the reason his arrest," added Microsoft.

Microsoft describes Khalid joined them in 2010. He then entrusted the task to control Microsoft's business in Libya. Currently, Libya was hit by a civil war involving NATO intervention.