Israeli Attack In Gaza Kills Hamas Commander

Israeli air strike killed a Hamas commander and two bodyguards in their vehicle in southern Gaza Strip, Saturday (04/09/2011), Palestinian medical sources said.

Israel has not issued a comment regarding the attack. Some 17 Palestinians have been killed in retaliatory action since a rocket fired from the Hamas-controlled territory school truck hit Israel on Thursday (7 / 4), and make a teenager suffered serious injuries.

In total 35 people in the Gaza Strip Palestinians have been killed since the outbreak of the latest round of bloodshed March 20. Dozens of rockets and mortar bombs were fired by Palestinian militants into the Jewish state.

One Israeli missile was fired before dawn Saturday with a target vehicle occupants including a local commander of Hamas in Rafah, near the border with Egypt and two bodyguards, said some medical staff. The three men were killed instantly.

Israel has declared Tel Aviv wants to "give Hamas a lesson" because of the attack, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Friday, "had crossed the boundary line." Netanyahu added, "Anyone who tries to attack and kill the children, live person is threatened."

Israeli air strikes also killed nine Palestinian fighters and civilians, on Friday, including a 11-year-old boy and one adult whose bodies have been destroyed in a small cemetery in the densely populated city in the east of Gaza City.

An Israeli military spokesman said the attack had been directed to Palestinians who fire rockets into Israel, and more than 50 rockets were fired into Israel on Friday. Israeli media reported destroyed one house and a soldier was slightly injured country due to mortar and rocket fire.

A number of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip on Friday intercepted by Israeli anti-missile system "Iron Dome", which was prepared earlier this week for the first time.

Among the victims were killed in the Gaza Strip on Friday were Palestinian fighters, while an elderly Palestinian man and two women were killed when their house in Khan Yunis was hit by a rocket. Three women were injured, hospital sources said.

The Israeli army expressed "civilians not involved seems to have been injured" in an attack on Friday.