Judas Video Clips

Singer Lady Gaga again snagged the controversy. Video clips new single entitled 'Judas' protest a religious group. Though the video has not been disclosed.

As reported by The Sun on Monday (4/11/2011), in a video clip Gaga played a character in the gospel of Mary Magdalene. While the actor Norman Reedus play a role as Judas.

Gaga will release a new single was officially on 19 April. At the end of the video clip, the singer of 'Born This Way' is to insert the phrase "'Judas' is coming. Let the cultural Baptism begin."

Previously, Gaga song titled 'Born This Way' also get the censorship of a number of local radio in Malaysia. Lyrics in the song is considered to promote homosexuality.

Singer who always come up with quirky costumes were also criticized those who perform such censorship. He argues, censor lyrics of the song is tantamount to restricting freedom of speech.