Korean Supermodel Suicide Death

Beautiful slender and comely Bestari. Glamorous world gave him a lot. Wealth and fame as well, perfect life that many people imagined. But Kim Yuri chose the way of death. South Korea supermodel round out his life by drinking poison. As quoted from allkpop, Tuesday, April 19, 2011, beautiful model is reportedly attempted suicide by drinking poison. When found his pulse was still throbbing. But he was dying. Immediately rushed to a medical center in Samsung-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Unfortunately his life was not saved. He last breath in the medical center. The fans in mourning. But why did she end her life by drinking poison. Nobody knows. The pengemarnya suspect that this 1989-born model save the live load. They suspect Kim Yuri is facing a problem that made ​​him suffer. Allegations of the fans was because prior to suicide, Yuri Kim could express themselves on his personal blog.

"No matter how many times I think about it ...... More than a hundred times. I'm the only person in this world," he said.

During his life, Kim Yuri registered as a student majoring in English at the University of Hanshin. Death model was left a deep sadness for the fans. They feel lost because Kim Yuri regarded as one model with a bright future.