Nutmeg can Relieves Stress and Insomnia

One of the favorite spices in this country is the nutmeg. In addition to having high economic value, nutmeg is also a versatile herb. Levels of the chemical to be a natural solution to relieving stress and insomnia disorders

Nutmeg (Myristica fragan Haitt) is a spice native to Indonesia. Nutmeg has long been known as the spice-producing essential oils. This oil is one of the basic ingredients in the beverage industry and cosmetics. In general, the benefits derived from the bark of nutmeg to the fruit.

Alleviate pain
Nutmeg tree trunks called kino, is often used as firewood. Bark and leaves of plants produce essential oils. In addition, there are also mace or objects that wrap the fruit shaped like a braid, and is called mace. Mace is the dried form is sold in the country.

Hereditary, nutmeg used as an herb, especially the seeds and flesh. Nutmeg believed to be very good for treating indigestion, vomiting, and others.

Nutmeg can alleviate all the aches and pains due to cold body and the stomach and intestines "cold". Meat nutmeg is very good and liked the community if it had been processed into snack foods, such as pickles, preserves, or jam nutmeg.

Not only in the country, in some countries in continental Europe and Asia, nutmeg is also well known. Nutmeg is often used as an herb for the treatment of sleep disorders, stress, prevent dehydration, and increase stamina.

Relieve stress
Based on research by the National Science and Technology Authority, in his book "Guidebook on the Proper Use of Medicinal Plants, revealed that nutmeg contains chemical compounds that are useful for health. Skin and flesh nutmeg essential oil and substances containing tannin, while the mace or mace contains essential oils, tannic substances, and substance starch.

Nutmeg seeds contain volatile oil, saponin, miristisin, elemisi, lipase, pectin, lemonena, and oleanolat acid. So, almost all the nutmeg contains chemical compounds that are beneficial to health.

In addition was made of herbs, nutmeg can also be used as raw material for making syrup. As stated Michael van den Bos, medical consultants and herbs from Herbacure Centre, nutmeg can be used as syrup. Way, nutmeg poached for their juice. Add sugar to taste if desired.

"Syrup is like other beverages that are refreshing. Nutmeg Syrup has calming properties and is suitable for relieving stress, "he said.

Michael also mentioned, because it is soothing, made from raw herbs nutmeg suitable for use by those who experience sleep disturbances or insomnia, as well as to smooth the blood, relieve stomach disorders, pain, and stomach pains due to colds.

Currently the market is not much nutmeg extract is sold. Fortunately, several healers have been developing it in the form of a standing steeping himself or mixed with other herbs.

In international markets, known for several types of nutmeg, Myristica fragrans Houtt ie, Myristica argentea Ware, fattua Houtt Myristica, Myristica specioga Ware, Myristica Sucedona BL, and Myristica malabarica Lam.

Type of nutmeg that has been developed especially Myristica fragrans, because it has high economic value compared with other types. Followed type and Myristica argentea Myristica fattua.

Type of Myristica specioga, sucedona Myristica, Myristica malabarica and its production is low, so low economic value as well. While relatively many types of Myristica fragrans was developed in Indonesia because it is a habitat.

Concocting Myristica
In general, use of nutmeg as an ingredient is in the form of herbal extracts, stewed fruit (syrup), or candied. Here's an example:
  1. Sedative herb: Take the powder or extract of 5-15 grams of nutmeg, mixed with a glass of apple juice or bananas. This herb can reduce the discomfort while you are busy at work or when stress is whack.
  2. Sleep disorders: Take approximately 5-15 grams of nutmeg powder (extract), mixed into a glass of milk or apple juice. This method is very safe and not addictive like other sleep supplements.
  3. Dehydration: Take nutmeg powder to taste, mix with a glass of water or young coconut water. Drink every half hour at most.
  4. Increase your stamina: You can eat candied nutmeg directly or drinking siropnya. Choose which do not contain dyes or artificial sweeteners. Natural taste candied nutmeg fruit is more advisable. Avoid excessive amounts of consumption. Alternatively, you can add a teaspoon of nutmeg powder into a glass of water or orange juice and star fruit.
Note: If you suffer from kidney disease, nutmeg consumption should not exceed 15 grams a day. If you are in doubt, consult with a physician expert.