Lady Gaga Wearing La Glacon - Indonesian Young Designer - Tex Saverio

Name of Tex Saverio suddenly become crowded conversation in cyberspace. One of the dresses spring 2011 collection of his has ever shown at the Jakarta Fashion Week, La Glacon, suddenly appeared in Harper's Bazaar U.S.. What is more, a figure wearing a La Glacon is the world's top singer, Lady GaGa. No doubt, praise addressed to a young designer born in 1984. Who was Tex Saverio?

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He called it Alexander McQueen Indonesia. "I can not, we think McQueen when I saw this dress (La Glacon)," says celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on fashion blogs, Saverio himself laughed at himself than the world's leading designers. "That's too much. I do not nothing compared to him. One thing is for sure, it will be my motivation, "he said on his personal blog,

But who would have thought, young man 26 years familiarly called Rio that it was not graduated from high school bench. He opted out of school, to be as fast began his career in the fashion world. Rio won his first award, the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award, when she was only 21 years. Now, five years later, La Glacon became a byword in the international fashion world.

Not only La Glacon an international appeal. Other Rio dress collection, My Courtesan, is equally fierce. My Courtesan and La Glacon really suck up the attention of visitors Jakarta Fashion Week some time ago. According to Rio, he can create such a phenomenal dress because it was always thought that each design has its own soul. "This is about the soul. I want each of my works have a soul. That would make much difference, "said Rio.

Rio had dreams of becoming a designer since she was in high school. Rio told, he did draw a hobby since childhood. He even drew on the middle class. "To the extent that one day my teacher told me, 'If I were you I would not go to this school. I would go to fashion school. Why do not you just search for fashion designers, '"recalled Rio about his teacher. Exactly what do Rio. He quit school and focus on studying fashion.

Uniquely, before La Glacon worn by Lady GaGa, Rio has been dreaming of dresses worn by the artist's design was concerned. Since a long time, Rio wants her dress worn by a number of celebrity women who have strong character. Who are they? "Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron," said Rio. And who better model wearing the dress she wanted in her own fashion show? "Naomi Campbell," he said.

Now Rio is busy preparing for the next dress collection. He said, a day after completing La Glacon, his head was back filled with new ideas about dress-dress to come. No wonder he became a fashion designer. Rio said he did not have goals other than a designer. "Whatever happens, to death I would have tried to be a fashion designer," he concluded.

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