UK Will Continue to Launch Attacks on Libya Until Gaddafi Collapse

Do not clear how long the air attack on Libya would continue waged. But the UK will continue to perform the mission until Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was toppled from power.

It was announced by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague at a meeting in Doha, Qatar which was attended by members of the Libyan Contact Group, which consists of Europe, the United States and Middle East allies.

It is said Hague, Gaddafi will continue to be a threat sellama he remained in Libya. The ceasefire is not enough.

"It will end at some stage with Gaddafi's departure, with the political process in Libya, which is a more inclusive process," Hague said as quoted by British newspaper, The Telegraph, on Thursday (04/14/2011).

In the midst of NATO air strikes which continued to fought in the Libya, the battle between pro-Gaddafi's troops and the rebels continue to occur. Even many civilian casualties were reported killed during those air strikes.