New discovery! - Prehistoric Burial Site in Papua, Indonesia

Archaeological Institute of Jayapura found two prehistoric burial sites in the Star Mountains, Papua. Researcher Institute for Archaeology Jayapura, Rini Maryone, in Jayapura, Monday (11 / 4), said the two sites was found in Village Kabiding, District and Village Oksibil Wanbakon, Serambakon District.

"These findings clearly very interesting, because with the discovery of two burial sites that shows the different traditions in the mountains," he said. He added, the tradition of burial in the cave by prehistoric tribes in the Star Mountains is very different from the tradition of burial in the Central Mountains area the other.

For example, he said, in the Wamena region by the Dani tribe and in areas where they know the tradition Tolikara cremation. In that study, he said, found also the type of stone tool consisting of a tool flakes, rectangular axes, and tools found crushed inside and outside the cave.

"When viewed from the types of tools found describes the tradition of prehistoric hunting and gathering," he said. Apart from two burial sites, he said, Archeology Hall also managed to find a prehistoric cave sites associated with the cult in Village Okmakok, Oksibil District.

He hoped that research results are useful for the development of science and advanced research in the Star Mountains. He expects, Department of Culture and Tourism of the Star Mountains to develop these sites as objects of tourism.

"Sites that are found clearly have a very high cultural value and deserve to be a tourist attraction. For it is expected that people who live around the site to maintain and preserve these sites," said Rini Maryone.