Malaysia Harras the Japanese who Suffered the Tsunami Sisaster through Cartoons

Newspaper Daily News, Malaysia includes an apology on Monday (3/14/2011) over cartoons depicting the tsunami in Japan complained of readers as insensitive to the tragedy that killed thousands of people.

Mohammed cartoons that made ​​katunis Zohri Sukimi show super hero Ultraman escape from the pursuit of the tsunami. The caricature was printed in the Daily News, Malay-language newspaper, on Sunday (03/13/2011).

Throughout the six-paragraph apology was printed on the front page newspaper published Monday. "We do not intend to joke or to show us The lack of disaster last Friday," the paper said.

"We feel sad for the Japanese citizens who had lost family members and valuables. Ilustrator we also want to apologize for the caricatures that have created controversy. We are very sympathetic with the tragedy and once again it apologized for the complaints result from the publication of these caricatures," according to the paper statement.

The newspaper said they had received complaints via phone and social networking over the cartoons.

"Embarrassing,"wrote a reader named Mohammed Azreen in the comment column in the Daily News's Facebook page.