Indonesia's Recent - Caterpillars Everywhere

This Phenomenon is an EPIDEMIC, or a TREND, or PICTURE OF INDONESIA UPDATE? Choose which one?

Overview Picture of Officials in Indonesia
Among officials in Indonesia's ruling busy mapping shared power to undermine people's property, ranging from sophisticated officials until officials missed.

Imaging with all the tricks to deceive for not-for-quality books, educational realm into the land for the scent of something that really rotten.
  • Figures for the welfare of the people increased, whereas the increased number of welfare themselves and their extended family. Clothing and food prices continue to rise, people increasingly do not have the ability to buy.
  • The unemployment rate declined, while unemployment everywhere. Increasing crime.
  • Education towards good, even though many school buildings collapsed. Many children who do not attend school due to the high cost of education. Book cheap aka BSE policy was just a figment of popularity. BSE is rare in the book market of Indonesia, because only 4 publishers who dare to print but can not distribute it. Other publishers prefer to not print because the paper raw material prices are high is not balanced with the HET (Retail Price) of books. BSE which was printed using cheap paper that can be easily damaged and dull. BSE provided download a PDF version, internet connection in Indonesia is still expensive. Download through alternative is internet cafe, but the download is very long because the bandwidth provider's server owned sadly, the download may fail, if successful, have spent many hours, which means the cost exceeds the HET imposed on BSE. Finish the download, then print, how many comparisons people who have their own printer machine in Indonesia? Finally scored in the computer rental, printing costs could eventually rise 5 until 8 times that of HET imposed on BSE. So where the policy book cheap? Force for the popularity of its own policies rather than to actually help people.
  • A series of other scams list please look for yourself. I'm sick to say the list, makes me puke
Heartache into major capital work agenda, rather than considering the real needs of people. Propaganda and throwing the issue to cover the case of foul, that's all that can be done.  

What About the People's Council Member?
Board of folk just a name, that there is not much different with the officials. Number one party interests and the interests of his stomach became the most important. Insisting build something that does not need to be built to the exclusion of people of conscience who will hurt. Where the interests of the people placed? Meetings are held if the party's hard rub against the officials who are members of rival parties, trying to dismantle the rottenness hard opponent to improve his party pamoritas, not hard working for the interests of pro-people. Meetings excited if there is a trend that more splashy, splashy after the meeting was over.  

Phenomenon resulting from the disruption of ecosystems, large-scale bird hunting by people who are hard to see bird life into the capital to continue living or to comply with the necessities of life. No longer any small bird will be taxed, it is thought that officials are still hungry for treasure.

Everywhere the people blame the government, a fair assessment because the people who gave confidence to the government to manage the country. Officers carry out the mandate provided by the people but instead officials suck people's blood. Strange but true and really magical, in fact there are members of the board of people think people are not competent to interfere in people's council. People are considered stupid.

This phenomenon is currently unknown caterpillar starts from Probolinggo, attacking mango crop. Keep moving to Yogyakarta, continued to cross into Medan, next Jakarta (North Jakarta was attacked), keep moving to Bandung, Bali, and NTB.

LIPI has received 3 samples that come from caterpillars species of Lymantria marginalis, Arctonis (do not know genus), and Cyana veronata. Caterpillar is a species lymantridae has been in Indonesia but did not explode as it is today. Sources: REPUBLIKA.CO.ID

Why is there a caterpillar explosion at this time? Following further information from LIPI
Availability hostplan (food source) to determine the state populations. In addition, caterpillar population is highly controlled by biotic and abiotic. These biotic factors ''that determine the ups and downs of the population,'' explained Rosichon. Among them include parasitoids and predators. Parasitoit is an insect that prior to adult stage develops on or within the host body (usually insects as well). While predators include mammals such as birds and other insects. Sources: REPUBLIKA.CO.ID 

This phenomenon is a plague of caterpillars for the people, the trend for the behavior of officials and people's council. Finally, Indonesia's Recent picture.