Lady GaGa Fans - Mutilated - A Cat

Lady GaGa influence on her fans proved to be very strong. In fact, one of the fans are rumored to have the heart mutilated pet cats and using their blood to complement a costume that will be worn in concert GaGa!

The fans, Angelina Barnes (20 years) has been secured by the authorities after doing this terrible deed. Security is done because Barnes feared would hurt others with nekatnya action.

A local newsmentioning that this poor cat has been cut into pieces after drowned in the bathroom . Heart of the cat were also found in a box of make-up.

Barnes then estimated blood smeared his face and his cat into his arms before exiting from his home in Oklahoma City to GAGA concert that was held on 11 April. A member of another family passed her and saw these irregularities.

Barnes eventually was taken to Griffin Memorial Hospital in the same town to get intensive care after being diagnosed with acute depression.

"Some things are also done on some home furnishings, such as duct tape stuck to a light switch, so that he could not turn it on. Family Miss Barnes became frightened when the suspect will hurt them too," said one of the authorities in Oklahoma.

Some mentioned that the action is triggered from Barnes nefarious forces 'promoted' GAGA in several appearances in concerts that uses artificial blood smeared all over his body.