President of Germany Got The Throw Eggs

President of Germany, Christian Wulff did not care for egg attack by an attacker on Thursday (14 / 4), and said it was the risk that must be received due to come into contact with the public.

Wulff, head of the youngest countries in the age of 51 years in the country, had just arrived in the eastern city of Wiesbaden in Germany, when a 48-year-old man in the crowd began pelting him with eggs, police said in a statement.

"The federal president is dirty clothes," authorities said. "The president himself had nothing." Wulf accompanied by the Prime Minister of the State of Hesse Volker Bouffier, which also affected the egg yolks.

Police arrested people who threw eggs soon after he launched an attack and took him into custody. German president told reporters he had requested that security is not too tight.

"I want to make contact with the citizens," said Wulf was quoted as saying. "That means pelted with eggs now and then." Shortly thereafter, he appeared with a new jacket and posed for pictures taken with a group of citizens who attended Girl's Day in the state parliament.

In 1991, the prime minister when Helmut Kohl was attacked by protesters to throw eggs, tomatoes and paint in the city of Halle in eastern Germany. German leaders are furious that chased the assailant but his staff and maintain order to prevent him from launching a blow.