Google spies infiltrated Twitter

The technology giant is often compete fiercely for the sake of getting the greatest employees and defend it from the temptations of other parties. Even Google is reported to have a spy on Twitter in order to capture information on employment data.

As quoted from the International Bussines Times, Friday (8/4/2011), Google recently successfully defended key staff from the pursuit of Twitter. They offered shares worth millions of dollars that would survive on Google.

Two workers are Neal Mohan and Sunder Pichai, who offered each share valued at $ 100 million and USD 50 million. Both worked in the field of product development.

Well interestingly, Google is reported to have a spy on Twitter. He probably plays an important and divulge data about employees who want hijacked Twitter. Media TechCrunch says Google since the beginning of knowing who the employees are offered by Twitter and take reasonable precautions before she crossed.

TechCrunch Party claims it received information from various sources. Someone on Twitter, which has information on employment, on the other hand also 'work' as a spy for the benefit of Google.

Google is continue to try to defend its employees from the temptation of competing vendors, such as Twitter and Facebook. Not long ago, they also raise salaries at once to increase the welfare of employees.