Miraculous! Mango Trees Bear Fruit Banana

Magelang, Indonesia - Residents Hamlet Kenteng, tantrum because there is a mango tree to bear fruit compound, similar to a comb of banana bunches! Unique fruitful mango trees that grow mango trees in the yard belonging Asmoro Bejo (45).

Trees more than 3 years old, had about 7 meters high. From the trunk, there are approximately 20 pieces of mango are clustered compound, so as to resemble a banana comb.

Mango trees bear fruit 'banana' is already known Bejo two weeks ago. However, the new Sunday (02/27/2011) this afternoon to local residents, and residents outside the village, visiting the gardens look crowded Bejo. They were intrigued by the news and wanted to see first hand the uniqueness of the tree.

"After the eruption of Merapi, I initially ignored by the emergence of fruit 'banana' in my mango tree. I will examine why the greater and similar to a banana tree, so be it after the news spread from mouth to mouth finally my yard now so crowded, "Bejo story.

To anticipate the destruction of fruit trees and 'banana', the Bejo then ask for help of local people to fence around the tree using bamboo. Bejo explain the mango trees bear fruit 'banana' is the first time in her garden. Bejo also had to pick a 'banana' is growing.

"I had picked it and it smells very fragrant. So I do not dare to work especial more fruit like bananas, "explained Bejo.

Until now, Bejo to keep fruit trees that grow mango banana as a spectacle like saying 'Where there is sugar, there is an ant'. Speculation is emerging from the residents was mixed.

There is a suspect, the mango tree 'affair' with a banana. Because, not far from the mango tree was discovered a few banana trees.

"It could be the tree having an affair," joked Bejo.

Praise (23) Village residents Kalegen, Bandongan District, Magelang when visiting a strange tree that claimed to be surprised and amazed.

"This was the first time I came here out of curiosity, what's really why fruiting banana mango tree. After I see how can ya like this? "Said the man who came to unique mango tree with the children and his wife.

Number of residents who saw the tree was made ​​Bejo berinisitaif to install the charity box in his garden. As a result, donations from citizens will be used for construction of a mosque not far from his home and to care for a unique tree.