Quality of life in Swedish infants can reach the age of 90

Swedish Statistical Institute presents the latest predictions about the quality of life. According to Xinhua news on Friday (04/15/2011), almost half of boys and 43 percent of baby girls born in Sweden 2010 could live up to the age of 90.

Nevertheless, Swedish-born population in 1920 can also reach that age. Details, 25 percent female and 10 percent male.

There are currently 9.3 million inhabitants of Sweden. Of that number, 500,000 people successfully reach the age of 80 years.

According to the agency, 20 years ago the number was increased to 800 people, and 50 years from now there will be 1 million people aged over 80 years. Meanwhile, the Swedish population will reach 10 million inhabitants in 2021. Then, in 2060, the population of Sweden was in number 11 million inhabitants.

"The population increased because of migration and increasing birth rate," the agency said.