Katrina Bowden - Sexiest Women 2011

Actress Katrina Bowden was elected as the sexiest woman in 2011 this. He defeated top artists such as Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian.

Bowden held the top spot after successfully removing the star of Transformers Megan Fox and the sexy Kim Kardashian. Polls conducted by Esquire magazine, announced on Thursday (07/04/2011).

As quoted by Contactmusic, Monday (4/11/2011) This event is not only seen from the level of sexiness of the female body only. But more to see the personality and style of their daily lives.

Women are reportedly close to vocalist Armour For Sleep Ben Jorgensen was indeed counted newcomer compared to its rival. However, according to a poll done, he got a majority of 2 million voice vote.

This week, Esquire magazine star showcase 30 Rock in a variety of poses in the magazine. The photos were given the title In My Place.