Nintendo DS Just for Toddlers

Sony's opinion, the Nintendo DS only fit a baby sedative used as a tool, not a decent console game played by gamers.

PlayStation 3 indeed was rising, after circulating around four years of this new console sales made ​​it past its competitors the Xbox 360 with a total of about 43.4 million users.

This was supposedly already predicted by Sony, which considers the PlayStation 3 has better technology than the Xbox 360.

"If you want to maintain the technology for a decade, you have to bring a revolutionary platform.'s PlayStation 3 have been circulating since four years ago and is still the most advanced compared to other consoles," said Jack Tretton CEO of the Sony Playstation.

In addition to offending the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii also did not escape the ridicule that is considered Sony can not compete with the PlayStation 3.

"Game of motion sensors might be interesting, but if players can only move the hands about 6 inches for what? That's not a real motion sensor gaming,"said Tretton.

Not only mocking the Nintendo Wii, Tretton also had expressed her opinion about the DS Ninteno he described as' game boy experience ".

For the record, this console has sold about 146 million units worldwide, far past the PlayStation Portable (PSP), which only reached 67 million.

"For me 'game boy experience" is only a tool for calming children, something that is usually used when they were on the plane, "said Tretton.