Brad Pitt Left Angelina Jolie

Relations Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are always in the spotlight. Not surprisingly, all of which relate to the lovebirds are always in the news. Including when Brad Pitt chose to go to England by himself where he left Angelina Jolie and six children.

This of course invites the public curiosity. During this time, if you go abroad, Brad Pitt never forgot to invite her extended family. But, to his departure to England, Brad Pitt had other ideas. He wanted to go alone.

Brad Pitt plan to stay for four months for the sake of filming her latest film titled World War Z in July. Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband, began to busy looking for an apartment to her home during the stay in London, but he wants to find an apartment close to the club owned by his friend, Guy Ritchie in London's Mayfair district. And during his stay in London, Angelina Jolie and their children settled in France.