Catherine Zeta Jones was mentally ill.

Catherina Zeta-Jones to undergo treatment for the treatment of multiple personality he had. Catherine representative confirmed the news on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 yesterday. He said the Hollywood actress has ever won an Oscar, decided to ask for expert help, after some time of stress due to throat cancer that attacked her husband, Michael Douglas.

"After the stress they experienced last year, Catherine decided to undergo a brief treatment at a mental health facility, to heal its dual personality," explains the artist's representatives beautiful 41-year-old. After undergoing treatment, according to him, Catherine is now feeling healthy and ready to begin its work this week. Catherine planned to star in two films in the near future.

People Magazine reported, Catherine spent five days in mental health facilities. But it does not explain more about when and where treatment is carried out. But the National Enquirer stated, star of 'Chicago' was undergoing treatment at Silver Hill Hospital, Connecticut, 6 April. Mentioned, he spent the maintenance cost of U.S. $ 1,250 per day.

Multiple personality is a mental illness characterized by mood swings sharply and erratic behavior. Catherine alone suffer from multiple personality in a lighter stage, which could be addressed with medication or therapy. In the case of Catherine, his mood has not changed a sudden sharp, but the change in the time period is longer. It can be triggered by stress or life changes.

A close friend of Catherine commented on the stress experienced by British-born actress last year. "No doubt, last year was a stressful year for Catherine. He had to deal with Michael's illness, and it's difficult, "he said. He added, Catherine undergoing treatment for several days because he will start his film projects. According to him, Catherine wanted to make sure he is in the best performance when working on the movies.

Catherine's husband, Michael Douglas, last year was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. January this year, Michael announced that he was free of cancer after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for six months. "The hardest was to see Michael fatigue (undergoing treatment), because during the time he was never tired," added Catherine.