Rare Case - Virus from Mosquitoes spread through sex

Fort Collins, Colorado - Scientists documenting rare cases, that a man experiencing joint pain due to mosquito bites when traveling to Africa. Strangely the disease is not transmitted to his wife through another mosquito bite, but through sexual intercourse.

The man was none other than the scientists themselves that Brian Foy, sourced animal disease researchers from Colorado State University. He was bitten by a mosquito while in Senegal and his team, in order to collect samples of mosquitoes for research.

On his return from Senegal in August 2008, she suffered a rash all over his body accompanied by headache, not powered as well as swelling and pain in the joints. A similar phenomenon was also experienced by one member of the team with him, Dr. Kevin Kobylinski.

Foy and colleagues initially suspected of contracting dengue fever kind caused by a mosquito bite in Africa. But the next day some both conditions continue to deteriorate, even with inflammation of the prostate and severe pain when urinating.

Suspicion that the disease is not dengue emerged when early September 2008, the wife of the Joy Foy Foy Chilson also experienced similar symptoms. Strangely Foy children none of whom have a fever accompanied by joint pain and much less neryi urination.

After re-examined their blood samples, the virus that causes Foy fell ill certainly not the ordinary dengue. That is the Zika virus, the virus that causes bone and joint pain that is transmitted by mosquitoes in Africa and Southeast Asia.

"Strong suspicion that the disease is transmitted to Foy's wife when both of them having sex before clinical symptoms appear," said Andrew Haddow from the University of Texas in a report in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, as quoted by FoxNews, Sunday (10/04/2011).

Case zika virus transmission through sexual intercourse for the first time in humans was reported. But the possibility that the virus is transmitted through semen has been investigated before, although still limited to a test animal which is wild boar.

A Japanese researcher has injected a virus into boars zika male and have found this virus on sperm a few days later. The virus then spread to other wild pigs after an infected pig was marrying a female pig.