Britney Spears - Sexiest Mother - in Hollywood

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Got a mother of a Hollywood star? Would be proud, if the mother is able to balance the world keartisan and its role as a mother. One of them is Britney Spears, who was named the Sexiest Mother in the ranks of Hollywood stars.

But, this is enough not appropriate for Britney because until now she still does not have custody of the child since the divorce from ex-husband Kevin Federline. However, singer song Till The World Ends these promise to once again fight for custody of both her ​​baby, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Being under Britney are Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie. Britney could surpass both mother is cool because they managed to find himself again and ready to care for her two children again.

Some artists are also in the ranks of the sexiest mother are Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, Christina Aguilera, Teri Hatcher and Monica Bellucci.